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It’s High Time We Embrace
Radical Self-Love

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About the Podcast

Learn how the power of self-expression can contribute to your long tern personal wellness.

Journey with international kawaii Black female tattoo artist & author, Imani K Brown as she shares her personal narratives and perspectives of radical self-love through the practice of tattoo, Japanese street fashion, & entrepreneurship. Meet her inner council, some IRL kawaii friends and some pretty awesome tattoo clients.


Your Host | Imani K Brown

About Me x Pink

Pink is a complicated color, like me. So I get pink and its unspoken nuances. You could say that pink is considered one of the most controversial colors and one of the most divisive, too.

But wherever you fall with this color, every shade of pink arouses very strong emotions, good or bad.

-Excerpt from Shoppe Gal, The Memoir

Hey Harajuku Lovers

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